About Munsey's Mission

Munsey's Mission animal rescue, Philomath, Oregon with a dog.

Mission Statement

Our mission is to provide a safe and nurturing environment for animals that have been used in the lab research field. We will make every attempt to find loving homes for the animals that are suitable for re-homing. Those that aren’t, will live out the remainder of their lives at our sanctuary where they can roam free of cages and receive the best care possible. We will educate the public about lab research animals: how many are used, the species that are used, how they are housed, how they are treated and experiments they are used for. This is in an attempt to hopefully decrease the number of animals used in research and improve the overall conditions the animals live in and how they are treated.

About Founder Peggy Munsey

Peggy Munsey grew up in the wilderness of Kodiak Island, Alaska, surrounded by wildlife.

“We often had wild animals such as fox, deer, raccoons and the occasional bear hanging around camp,” Peggy says. “My father instilled in me a love for these creatures and a deep respect for them as well. I always knew I would work with animals in some capacity when I grew up.”

After 12 years of working as a registered nurse, Peggy opened a dog boarding kennel called Country Livin’ Kennels in Philomath, Oregon.

“That has been, and still is a very fun and satisfying way to work with animals,” Peggy says about the kennel. “However, I’ve always felt I needed to find a way to really help animals in need.”

After volunteering at Best Friends Animal Society in Utah several times, Peggy began to feel compelled to start a sanctuary in Oregon. She began learning about research labs and their use of chimpanzees and other animals in terrible, traumatic experiments.

“I couldn’t shake the feeling that I had to do something,” Peggy says. “My first thought was to build a chimpanzee sanctuary, especially now that the majority of chimpanzees are finally being ‘retired’ from laboratory use and being sent to sanctuaries. However, I have no experience caring for chimpanzees, nor the funding necessary to build an appropriate facility for their needs. Though my long-term goal is still to have a chimpanzee sanctuary, my immediate goal is to establish a sanctuary for other species used in lab research.”

Munsey’s Mission currently is able to take in rabbits, cats, dogs, pigs, goats or horses on the Munsey family’s 11-acre property.