How You Can Help


Any amount of money helps us care for the animals.


We always need volunteers. You can help clean up after the animals or just sit and socialize with them. You could help with any projects that are on-going such as building a new structure, putting up fencing or hauling gravel. If marketing is your strength, you can help by getting the word out and raising funds.

Become a foster/ adoptive home

You could become a foster home and/ or an adoptive home for one of our animals. There is a screening process to complete prior to doing this.

Become cruelty-free

Even a bigger way to help our cause is to become cruelty-free yourself. This means buying only products whose ingredients are not tested on animals. It also means becoming vegan, or at least not consuming animal products that have been produced in a factory farm or cruel environment.

And finally, speak out against any unjust treatment of animals, be it circuses, marine mammal parks or seeing your neighbor mistreat their dog.